Quarterly Board Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we postponed the first quarter Board meeting, and will share updates about when we will next meet.

Fall Newsletter

Check out the Fall 2022 Newsletter for HOA Updates, information on last year's Board elections, and landscaping tips.

Updated Covenants Available

At the March 21, 2017 Community Meeting, the community approved changes to the Covenants, one of the key governing documents for the HOA. You can find the updated Covenants at the Rules & Regulations page

Vendor List

At the Annual Meeting, the community suggested that the HOA maintain a list of vendors that homeowners can reference. Please note that the Board does not endorse the use of any vendors, and this is only to serve as a resource for the community. The list can be found here:
Vendor List
If you would like a vendor added to the list please email Board@summerlanevillage.com

Paint Book Online

The HOA Paint Book is available online! Click here or check the resources page for a link to a scanned copy of the paint book. The Paint Book shows the various colors available for your exterior painting needs, and is helpful if you are trying to find the exact colors currently on your house.

Reserve Study Update

In 2020 we hired a company to perform a new reseve study for Summerlane Village. A certified reserve specialist is performing an on-site review of the HOA common area, and estimated the cost to repair or replace HOA common elements over the next 30 years. This is then compared to our current and projected reserve levels to determine the HOA's financial soundness. When the reserve study is completed you will be able to download a copy at the Advance HOA portal for Summerlane Village, or request a copy from the Board. The last reserve study, from 2014, showed that a special assessment is not indicated during the 30-year scope of the reserve study. Reserves are anticipated to be strong, and by following the recommended funding plan, the HOA will have adequate funds to meet projected repair and replacement expenses.

Click Here for the Policies Procedures and Rules

Click Here for the ARC Guidelines and Standards


You can browse the community's bylaws and policies within the Rules & Regulations section; download ARC requests and other documents in Resources; and find contact information for the HOA under Contacts.



  1. Check out the Latest Newsletter for HOA Updates

  2. We now have an easier to use ARC Design Request Form available on the Resources page. Be sure to submit a Design Request Form for any improvements to the exterior of your house or lot.



Homeowners Meeting
Next meeting is November 29, 2022 at 6pm Foothills Bible Church 6100 S. Devinney Way, Littleton

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